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Send Western Union and MoneyGram money transfers to buy e-currencies on! Western Union and Moneygram are global leaders in worldwide money transfer services with total of more than 740.000+ agent locations in over 200 countries and territories. Sending a money transfer takes only a few minutes and is a very simple procedure. Upon receiving a transfer your e-currency account balance will be credited for the appropriate amount.

PayPal is now cheaper!

Autumn sale: PayPal e-currency for just 4%!

OK-Change no longer supports LibertyReserve

Dear customers, please note that OK-Change service is no longer supporting LibertyReserve e-currency.

Even lower commissions:
Now only 2%

OK-Change Team is proud to announce even lower commissions on transfers:
OKPAY e-currency » Liberty Reserve is now 2%
OKPAY e-currency » AlertPay is now 2%
OKPAY e-currency » LiqPay is now 2%

Keeping it up: buying AlertPay is now instant!

Keeping it up: buying AlertPay is now instant!

Welcome to OK-Change!

Welcome to OK-Change! Our service is finally launched! We invite you to use our e-currency exchange services, you will get excellent service and a good exchange rates.
excelente servicio gracias
Juan Alberto Vivanco Molina (7/11/2016)
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2/9/2012 Buy e-currency via Western Union and MoneyGram!
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Contact Info Getting in Touch

Our contact information:
Email E-mail:
Jabber Jabber/GTalk:
Our accounts in payment systems:
Liberty Reserve OKPAY: OK282216247

Verify OKPAY user information.

Discounts Cumulative discount system

Instantly pocket up to half of our profit! is the most straightforward and precise of all exchangers because we always show our clients currency values which are as accurate as possible. No hidden charges, all the fees of any other payment systems already factored in. For example, if you tell us to take 100 dollars, it means that, when it comes down to payment, the system will ask for exactly 100 dollars (some payment systems will show a smaller amount but then add the commission and you will still end up being charged 100 dollars) and not 101 or 100.5 dollars as other exchangers would. Conversely, if you tell us to give you 100 dollars, that is exactly the amount that will be at your disposal in your online account.

What’s more, we have put in place a system of cumulative discounts which is completely honest and absolutely the best among e-currency exchangers.
To receive a discount, all you need to do is enter its code in a box in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

You can get your personal 5%-discount code simply by registering at the website. From then on, the discount value will automatically increase by 1% for every 1000 EUR exchanged by anyone at OK-Change using the above discount code.

The discount code is just 6 figures; this 6-digit number is all you need to enjoy your constantly increasing discount. Importantly, this discount will be applied to ANY exchange operations at all!

Just imagine, once you publish this code in a well-visited forum or blog, how fast your discount can grow! You can pass this code to an unlimited number of people, thus helping us attract new clients but also giving yourself and your friends the opportunity to exchange e-currencies at incredibly good rates, at a discount of up to 30%.

You can also profit from selling your discount code online via any Internet shop. You will be able to sell it as many times as you like without losing the right to use your discount and your code!

Want more benefits? No problem! Letting others use your discount code will automatically enrol you in our partnership (affiliate) programme thus enabling you to receive a share of our profits as a partner! This means we will additionally credit your OKPAY account (made known during registration) with half of your discount amounts. For example, if your current discount is 20%, then whenever somebody performs an e-currency exchange using your discount code, your OKPAY account will receive an additional 10% of our fee!

Numerical examples:
1) Suppose you have already used OK-Change to exchange 12,345.00 EUR. This means you are entitled to a discount of 17% on all exchange operations (12,345/1,000 plus the auto-discount of 5% upon registration).
2) You published your discount code in an online forum and somebody decided to use it to exchange, say, 1000 OKUSD for WMZ. This new client will receive your current discount of 17% while you will earn an additional 8.5% of our commission which will be instantly visible in your account on the website. You can now move this bonus to your OKPAY wallet at your earliest convenience.

All discounts are calculated automatically and are already factored in the exchange rates you see on the main page! Just make sure the discount code is correct (the size of your discount is displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the web page).


FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I exchange e-currencies using your service?

2. How do I sell my PayPal, Moneybookers or AlertPay e-currency?

3. How long does it take to exchange e-money?

4. I have created an operation and specified incorrect receiver details by accident. What do I do now?

5. Why I haven’t received an exchange form my OKPAY account?

6. How is your bank transfers exchange service works?

7. Do you offer discounts or bonus programs for customers?

8. Do you accept e-currency "X" or e-currency "Y" that I wish to exchange?

9. How can I use Western Union or MoneyGram to buy e-currencies?

Agreement Terms of Service

1. The agreement on granting services by service OK-Change.

1.1 The given agreement determines conditions of granting of services of an automatic exchange of electronic currencies (OKPay, Perfect money) by OK-Change service. The agreement determines rights and duties of clients on use of services of OK-Change service.

1.2. Use of services of OK-Change service means the absolute consent of the client with conditions of the given agreement, and also accepting of all obligations described in the given agreement.

1.3. In case of disagreement with conditions of the given agreement, the client has no right to perform operations of an exchange in OK-Change service.

2. Granting of services by OK-Change service

2.1. Service OK-Change renders clients the service of an automatic exchange of electronic currencies (OKPay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect money).

2.2. The administation of service OK-Change does not bear the responsibility and does not compensate the losses which have arisen at misuse of service and also mistakes of the client accomplished at filling of the form of an exchange which can lead to translation of means into wrongly specified account.

2.3. Operation of an exchange is considered completed from the moment of remittance of the amount by service into the clients account.

2.4. Operation of an exchange is performing automatically and is disposable transaction. Return of the transferred means after end of an exchange is impossible.

2.5. In some cases when when the client specified incorrect receiver details and the operation can be manually corrected by OK-Change the commission of $10 USD will be applied.

3. Conditions of carrying out of exchange operations in OK-Change service

3.1. Use of service OK-Change for carrying out of roguish operations, clean out of illegal incomes is forbidden. Using services of OK-Change service the client agrees that any attempt of an exchange roguish money will have suit on all severity of the law. The administration of OK-Change service will give the information on similar payments to law enforcement, administration of payment systems, and also victims of swindle at first request.

3.2. The administration of OK-Change service has a things in possession to give up in use of services of service to any client on whom the suspicion will act, the complaint or the complaint from law enforcement, administration of payment systems or the user of one of payment systems.

4. The information given by the client to OK-Change service

4.1. The information (the electronic address, electronic requisitions), given by the client during carrying out of exchange operation, is confidential and is not disclosed to the third parties, except for the following situations:

- by inquiry of law enforcement;

- by the decision of judgement;

- by inquiry of administration of one of the payment systems.

The administration of service reserves the right to itself at any moment to make modifications and additions to the given agreement.

Affiliate Affiliate program description

On this page you will find a full description of the affiliate program from

Coming soon.

About Us About

Congratulations! You’ve made the right choice by opting for our service of electronic money exchange, thus paving the way for our lasting and fruitful cooperation.

Built from scratch by highly skilled professionals, was designed to alleviate the shortcomings of the WebMoney payment system.

What kind of service does offer?

On our website at any time, you can quickly and securely exchange OKPay, Liberty Reserve, AlertPay and other electronic currencies.

The exchange will be made at the rates you see in the table. There are no hidden commissions or fees except, in some cases, those payable by us to some payment systems. We constantly monitor e-currency rate fluctuations and always give you the best exchange rate on offer. Add to this our huge reserves practically eliminating all restrictions on the exchanged amounts and exceptional ease of use, safety and speed, and it becomes clear why we are among the leaders in the e-money exchange market with an ever-increasing number of customers!

Using our exchange services you can always be sure you are getting the best current rates of exchange, ample reserves and unsurpassed quality of service.

The exchange is fully automatic. It means you will get the funds you need the minute we receive the money you are exchanging. So you will not need to return to the exchanger’s website to watch, holding your breath, the message "Your exchange is being processed" for several minutes, which is so common in other services. With, as soon as you click "Pay" in the Merchant payment system, your exchange is completed. You can go back to our website if you want to know the batch numbers and times of your transactions.

Please note that with as little effort as a simple registration you will gain access to all the unique features enjoyed by our customers. You will get a cumulative discount which will steadily increase to a record 50% of our fee, as well as be able to participate in our super-profitable affiliate programme and receive regular income getting your fair share of our profits! All you will need to do is tell everyone you know about!